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Investment Management and Financial Planning

$5,000 per year

This flat fee includes:

Personalized Investment Advice


Eversight builds portfolios with a focus on simplicity, diversification, and low fees. Advice combines our investment strategy with your unique risk capacity and timeline. Accounts can be managed at Charles Schwab or on a non-discretionary basis at any custodian.

Stock downside can potentially be reduced with a stock-substitute approach and taxable accounts are monitored for tax loss harvesting. Eversight’s advice extends to external accounts and private investments.

Automated Portfolio Tracking


See all of your brokerage accounts, IRAs, bank accounts, real estate, and crypto in one place. Data feeds are in real-time and view-only access makes for easy coordination with your CPA.

Interactive Financial Planning


Instantly see how different cash flow scenarios impact your financial health. This helps answer questions about how much to save (if you're working) and how much you can realistically withdraw (if you're retired). Portfolio stress testing measures your sensitivity to inflation, tax policy, and volatility so Eversight can plan for your unique risk factors.

Continuous Insurance Review


Insurance planning is the foundation of financial planning. Policies are regularly revisited to make sure your needs are met for a competitive premium. Clear advice is given on coverage and deductibles for home, car, disability, and umbrella insurance.

Optimized Roth Conversions


Roth conversions can be a powerful tool to reduce taxes and boost your portfolio’s long-term value. If they are beneficial to your financial plan, we suggest a Roth conversion timetable mindful of future income, changing tax rates, and Medicare premiums.

Onboarding Process

  1. Schedule an intro call to learn more about each other.
  2. Complete a data discovery file with info on your long-term goals, current investments, income, expenses, and insurance policies.
  3. Receive investment and financial planning suggestions.

After receiving your proposal, decide if you want to work with Eversight.


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